Protecting Your Roof And Your Home

The environment is changing and with this change are more violent storms, natural disasters and freak weather patterns that can cause havoc on our homes and property.  For anyone watching the news recently the sight of hurricanes, tornados and violent floods give a grim vision of the future.  With all of these uncertainties having a roofing company cleveland oh do an inspection on your roof may be a wise investment to ensure that if a storm does hit you will be protected.

Increased warranty

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Getting an inspection on your roof could result in the need to have your roof replaced.  In many cases when we replace our roof, we will get an additional warranty that should cover us for twenty or more years.  Checking with your insurance company on this may result in lower premiums and an extended warranty on your home.

Greater Curb Appeal

Over time our roofs will show their age.  Shingles will fly off, the sun will weather them to a grey color and lose shingles and flashing can increase the odds of getting damage form rains, water and animals.  The look of your roof can also be seen from the street and around the neighborhood.  Installing a fresh set of shingles can increase the curb appeal of your roof.

Spot future problems

Finding a problem early on will increase your odds stopping costly repairs.  Small problems will eventually turn into large ones and depending on when they are taken care of can result in higher bills and extended damage

Chimney and gutters

Attached to many roofs are chimney’s and gutters.  Over time gutters will become clogged and need to be cleaned.  If they are not cleaned, then water may build up and overflow into the house. The same can be said for chimneys.  Over time the chimney will begin to crack and possibly lean.  It is always good to catch these problems early on before extensive damage to your house can occur.

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