Tips To Follow For Metal Fabrication

Metal is an amazing resource we have to work with.  The strength of metal when tempered can withstand amazing stresses and forces against it without breaking.  All of this can be done through an experienced welder.  When talking to someone about metal fabrication near me portland or they gave me a lot of good tips and tricks that could be passed on to those looking to work with metal.

Know your metal

The first thing is to know your metal.  Different metals will have different melting points, bonding abilities and more.  When using a torch to heat and weld metal together understanding that a higher temperature on a thicker metal will help create a better finished result than using a lower temperature.  Dealing with heat and metal knowing how they work together can help increase your effectiveness.

Remove impurities

Impurities in the metal will give you impure results.  When working with these metals make sure that you work with high quality materials.  These will work better in the fabrication process and have less need for repair and replacement.

Choose the right gas

Carbon Dioxide is the primary gas used in a MIG Welder.  However, there may be times when you will want to pick a different gas to give you a different burning effect of the metal.  This will be a project by project basis however, but keep it in mind.

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Avoid Gravity

Gravity is not your friend.  When you are working with metal make sure to watch your feet, your hands, legs, arms and other body parts.  When fabricating metal pieces are cut, shavings are flying through the air and a lot of things can go wrong if you are not paying attention.  Make sure that when working on your projects that you follow all safety rules and watch what you are doing.

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